Sunday, April 13, 2008

T4G 2008!

This is a conference that brings together a Southern Baptist (Dever), a Presbyterian (Duncan) and an Independent (MacArthur) along with several other leaders, on the issue that matters.

While many issues of polity and practice are important, it is encouraging to see the Christian church unite on what really matters. Too often, we unite on being united and decide that everything has to go (including a clear understanding of the gospel) or divide on something that is at best secondary (views on polity) and leave off cooperating with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today we face a similar situation in our Canadian context, that Lloyd-Jones faced with the Evangelical Alliance in GB half a century ago, or which Spurgeon faced with the Baptist Union churches in London in the 1800's, or the Puritan's in the 17th century, or the reformers in the 16th, or even the situation of the Nicene clergy, especially Athanasius in the 4th century. It is this, that unity is on everyone's lips. And unity should be.

Unity is our goal, but how do we achieve it? Unity comes through the gospel. The gospel is a propositional understanding of doctrine regarding Christ, a historical fact of the death and resurrection of Christ and an experiential union with Christ through the Holy Spirit.

I'm glad the T4G organizers and attenders are together on this issue and sad, that so many others are not.


kerux said...

Chad -
Great to see hear of you (found you on the Band of Bloggers list)and I could not agree more with your sentiments!
Lord willing, we can meet you in person next week. Will you be able to come to the gathering for Canadians on the Wednesday night?
We will meet in room 112 of the convention centre at 9:30 PM (or immediately after the evening’s final session wraps up). Would be great to see another from the Wild West!

Garth C.P. said...

That was an enjoyable assesment on what evangelicals should unite for. Thanks.
I don't suppose I could encourage you to add the links of what you are taking about to your posts ... it makes checking out what your talking about a easy, one step process.


C.W. Graham said...

Good thoughts on the links Garth thanks.