Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Logo!

Grace EFC announces this new logo this week. It will soon grace all our media. The Beautiful imaging was done by Han, a member of Okotoks Evangelical Free Church. The elements of the name demonstrate the commitments we have as a church.

1st and foremost to the Free Grace of God, dispensed by His Holy Spirit (represented by the dove). This Grace is found only in the Evangel (the gospel, or good news) which we express as evangelicals.

2nd that we are evangelical means that we are centred on that gospel, because we hold to the principles of the 16th century Reformation: a) Scripture Alone as our authority and sufficient source for ministry and Christian Growth, b) Grace Alone as the only means of Salvation. No works can contribute. and c) Faith Alone in Christ as the only expression of Grace received, which can result in Salvation.

3rd that we are a Free Church. Recognizing that the churches of the Scripture were not intended to be a part of a State organization we look to the local congregation as the final moral authority for all decisions regarding our ministry and doctrine, in friendly cooperation with other churches in the EFCC.

Finally, the logo speaks of our location "Calgary" the fastest growing city in the industrialized world, and the motto: Where God's Word is Central.

This motto speaks of the two aspects of God's word as His Son Jesus Christ (John 1:1) and the word of God which was inscripturated by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who in the Bible took the things of Christ and revealed them to us. It is thus called Christ's word (Col 3:16) and it is in them that the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ is made to shine forth in our hearts.