Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hanging with Hunter

My little nephew is pretty cute! I was babysitting today, and I got the crying baby to fall asleep with my cunning threefold attack. First, I read from Ephesians in Greek. He seemed to find that comforting. Then I wrapped him up nice and tight in his blanket, and rolled up to my chest on his side. In minutes he was out like a light.... and I had a new problem...

What on earth do you do with a sleeping baby? So I sat down on the couch and let him sleep. Job well done....whew!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wisdom from Yesterday

If there are no adversaries, you may fear that there will be no success. --CH Spurgeon

I was reading a Spurgeon sermon today, and struck by the fact that the battles he fought, are the battles of today. The long war against God waged by the world, the Devil, and our own flesh are the same yesterday, today, and until the day he returns. Let us never get comfortable with peace in these realms.