Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ekklesia Website

I have just completed a fairly significant overhaul of the Church website . Now its always hard to tell if you have done a good job in these things! As many of you know, over the last few months I have been experimenting with my web designer skills, and slowly designing a recruitment site for our upcoming church plant. As it turns out these skills sets are horribly inadequate!

It has however been fun! As God has sharpened my thinking about the church, I have incorporated it into what I have done there. As I have learned to present better, to write for the site better and to develop better content, I have become more and more excited!

There is so many more things to do, and more changes to make. But the site is now the most advanced it has ever been (that's like saying the second coming is closer now than it has ever been!).

I would appreciate any feedback you have on the site however I certainly cant promise to please everyone, but sometimes the advice you give becomes key to the next stage of development. I am fairly limited on the main scheme and appearance, but comments on formatting and content and ease of use are helpful.

Hopefully all three of my loyal readers will check it out and tell me how much they LOVE it as it is, after many many hours of work.... But I would still like any constructive criticism you have!


wagboy said...

Looking good, but you need to fix your lists on christian communities; I can see some of your code.

Dusto said...

Hey Chad,

Like the site. One quick note: in your "What's with the name?" section under the Baptist heading you say "though the apostles
" when I am sure you mean "through". If you mean though they please ignore me. I will be praying for you and your new endevours!

Jennifer said...

Yay!! Chad, the site looks wonderful!!! I'm so excited to see it being more and more developed and to hear you're getting more and more excited about it; what a blessing!

One thing I noticed, and it may just be showing up on my computer funny, but it looked like your roman numerals weren't aligned corrected on the main page. "I" is flush to the left, then "II" is indented, then "III" is less indented but still not aligned with "I." Um, I don't know if that makes sense, but just throwing that out there... :)

But otherwise, I think it looks GREAT!