Thursday, September 22, 2011

A New Alliance!

If you have enjoyed any of the posts on this site, or if you link to it from your blog or website, please consider updating your link. Recently, my brother asked me to join him in a blogging venture: The Graham's of Montrose (link). For those with a knowledge of Scottish heritage, this name will be recognized. It is a historic designation for my family. Our Tartan, and Crest regularly displayed in family homes reminded us of the passed, as does the family logo: ne oublie, Latin for "never forget".

We have set our goal to remember the Creator, and our family heritage of faith. My blogging energies will be regularly engaged on that site. I have been posting Tuesday's and Thursdays, and my Brother Wednesdays and Fridays. Weekends through Monday, we hope to post our Dad's thoughts.

Some of my recent entries include:

Don't miss Wyatt's exciting content either as he is discussing a balanced Christian life with work, and leisure (sample).

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